Hi, I'm David, the director of Cryptonite Mining. I am passionate about achieving financial freedom and am an avid follower of the cult following know as FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early).

Through the use of a diverse portfolio of assets I have successfully replaced my wife's income, so she can stay home and raise our family. I use a diverse portfolio including real estate, shares, index funds, cryptocurrency and Crypto mining to produce this income. I can tell you first hand if you spend less then you earn, invest wisely and consistently you can achieve anything.

These rigs were the tipping point that got my family over the line of Financial Independence and I want to share this with anyone who has the passion and commitment to do the same.

My first and repeat customers have been my closest friends and family. Through mining cryptocurrency they have been able to achieve their dreams, some have been as simple as buying a boat, motorbike or car they always wanted. Putting in a pool for their family to use. Whatever it is that drives you, this is one tool that can help you get there.